Join us in the 5thQuest

A Transformative Game into Conscious Leadership

We are living in auspicious times. Wherever we look, we see that we are at the end of the current (business & social) structures.

Reinvention starts from within, catalyzed from consciousness and inner leadership. And this is exactly the journey through which all leaders of organizations need to go. 

To facilitate journeying into conscious leadership, we are developing a (very serious and at the same time playful) transformative game. 

The 5thQuest game consists of 5 elements that can be used separately or in conjunction. There is a logical structure that guides the player to discover more and more of the connections, and thus can play with a larger playing field. The core of the game consists of 50 Archetypes. Archetypes are collective characters in which we all find recognition. In many ancient cultures, stories were described about the gods. Their experiences and lessons were examples of how to deal with collective problems, obstacles and themes.

1. The 50 Archetypes - split into 20 initiations - and 20 shadows + 10 bonus cards

2. Levels of Influence - divided into; personal, team, organization, collective & universal

3. The 22-personal themes - polarities that give insight & depth to the archetypes

4. The Booklet & Online version - background info & multiple ways to play the game

5. The 3 Dices - the magical element X, that brings in synchronization & algorithms

The Quest

The Conscious Leaders Journey

This tool invites you to look deep into your soul and meet the personal and collective themes that will become shadows if they remain unconscious or suppressed. You will embark on your own unique ‘heroes’ & ‘heroines’ journey, and walk your personal initiation path towards Conscious Leadership. We are inviting you to take the next step in your journey.

Press on a card to read the background information.

Call to transition

What can 5thQuest do for you on

Personal level

Bringing you in contact with blind spots, subconscious emotions that influence your relations & creations
Creating clarity around personal issues, generating insights, healing, focus and direction
Empowering the inner leadership, showing you in every moment the next step towards conscious leadership

Business level

For internal and external coaching. Bringing out undercurrent. Opening vulnerable conversations in a light manner
Distinction in where blockages are located; personal, team, organization, collective or universal
Opening space for the unseen and magical element X
An invitation

How to contribute?

This campaign is an invitation to contribute to the realization of the ‘The conscious leader card deck’. A card deck with playing cards that support leaders in business in the transition to conscious leadership. In our campaign we want to attract persons and companies that want to play the prototype and help to fund the creation & production phase.

Get involved

Levels of Investment

There are several ways to contribute to the final manifestation phase of this product and service. Below we list all the options, so that you can choose to what extent you want to be involved in this co-creation. It is according new-earth principals, what means that you can be a part of this creations, in the way that you choose.

Free Donation

Support this initiative with the amount of money that feels good

€5,- or more


  • Donate directly on our GoFundMe page
  • Eternal thanks for your support


Support the creation and receive a first edition 5thQuest card-deck. Choose an amount between:

€50,- / € 300,-


  • A first print edition of the game
  • Receive newsletter and exclusive information


Join the year program to welcome your personal conscious leader. Choose an amount between:

€1000,-/ €5000,-


  • 2 first print editions of the game
  • Annual journey through the archetypes
  • 4 live webinars
  • 2 live meetings with other investors
  • An energetic investment in yourself to awaken your conscious leader
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Our goals

How we use the investment?

Start of the Movement


Creating image for crowdfunding
Creating a booklet for investors
Investigating the crowdfunding channels
Making the flyer for inner-circle
Developing the structure of the game


Starting development
Opening the field of archetypes
Building the Landing page
Creating the initial holder / blueprint 25%
Starting the crowdfounding
Creating the artwork (26 archetypes) 25%
Giving pre-sale webinars (for leaders-tribe)
Finishing the prototype and manuscript
Developing the collector’s edition


Opening the field of business/leader issues
Building the Membership Environment
Organizing the Concious Leaders Community
Creating the complete holder / blueprint 75%
Creating the artwork of leader themes 75%
Writing the artwork of leader themes 75%
Investigating the market and sales channels
Finding a 2nd, 3rd party for distribution
Printing 1000 collectors items
Online version & international distribution


Developing the online version
Building the leaders network / community
Offering services around the game
Writing an e-book for the deeper levels
Manifesting, distribution the international deck
Developing the expansion pack


Building the expansion pack - Organizations
Who we are

Aquarius Business

We see that many leaders and many organizations know that a real next step needs to be taken. The deep call of Aquarius Business is to facilitate these leaders and organizations to discover the essentials of the New Business Era and help them transition in a practical way. 

Entering a new era, also means new rules of the game. Where old systems were based on fear and shortage, we move into a world of love and abundance. We let go of the old, and at the same time the new has not yet arrived. Aquarius Business is a team with senior consultants, leadership coaches and business alchemists that provides guidance in this transition. And offer an alchemistic space, where the divine potential of a product, business or organization can awaken.

In co-creation with:

Dhyan de Bruijn
CEO, Sparring Partner & Elder
Dhyan de Bruijn has a strong mixed background in business, coaching and spirituality. What he loves most is guiding people and organizations to realize their fullest potential in both a deep and profoundly practical way. By fulfilling the position of a true elder and wisdom keeper he is both space holder and a sharp and attuned advisor.
Jan Pieter Schreur
CCO, Author & Game Developer
Jan Pieter Schreur has a background in shamanism and serves to open and heal our indigenous history more. And brings old wisdom and cosmic low into the modern-day business world. He is author and developer of a constellations game. By designing energetic blueprints, he guides leaders, business and organizations in the path to mastery, aligned with the new paradigm.
Colard Sjerpes
CMO & Quantum Innovator
Colard Sjerps has a background in business, coaching, consultancy, spirituality and future tech. His passion is to facilitate people in their inner journey. By holding space and raising the frequency to the level of solutions, invisible misalignments and old believe systems become visible. Bringing in the power of Magnetism, he guides leaders/ organizations to restore the natural order and authentic movement.
Jaco Geense
CFO & Business Alignment
Jaco Geense guides conscious leaders & entrepreneurs in finding the true calling, guiding them along their path, and connect that to their organization and personal life. Master in building bridges between destiny and the now. He carries keys of the new paradigms regarding leadership, organizations, co-creation, money and more. Inter. experience in complex environments in multiple business sectors.
Reinier Maarschall
CTO & Regenerative Consultant
Former Director of a full-service internet agency with 40+ employees, built from scratch. By being present in the starting point of a creation, he facilitates building blocks and sets out timelines until destination. In this way he was founder of multiple successful businesses in the last 19 years, and has extensive experience with strategizing & scaling up companies. Rooted in personal leadership & spiritual growth.
Mapije de Wit
Creative Artist & Illustrator
Mapije is a visionary artist with a background in gamedesign and spirituality. She has a passion for archetypes and their connection to our consciousness and the principles of creation. She has traveled the world, drawing people.
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